Investment Management

Investment Management

We are long-term fundamental investors. We concentrate on helping clients meet their long-term objectives and believe this is most reliably done over a several-year time horizon by owning high quality investments in broadly diversified asset classes. Using a mix of individual securities, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds, we incorporate foreign and domestic equities, foreign and domestic fixed income, real estate and, where appropriate, a range of alternative investments in client portfolios. We use broad diversification along with periodic rebalancing in an effort to provide high quality portfolios that combine lower degrees of volatility with reasonable results.


Investment Philosophy

For the stock portion of your account, we use a dividend growth strategy, investing in a diversified basket of large cap equities with a long-term track record of paying and increasing shareholder dividends. These companies typically have strong balance sheets, generate significant cash flow and have demonstrated a commitment to returning cash to shareholders.

We often recommend the use of low-cost mutual funds (such as Dimensional, and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs) to add asset classes as a means of diversification and risk mitigation.

When working with clients who have existing portfolios, we do not make wholesale changes, but rather enhance the existing portfolios as tax considerations permit. Clients benefit from consolidating their assets to implement a unified investment strategy and simplify administration.


Commitment to Technology

As a firm, we are committed to being industry leaders in leveraging technology to deliver effective, efficient service to our clients. We have implemented new technologies to drive efficiencies across our investment research, portfolio management and trading platforms including ensuring that updated account information is available to you 24/7 on our website.

We use ZOOM technologies to host virtual meetings and DocuSign to provide electronic signatures.