Financial Planning

Our Process

Our financial planning process incorporates your personal values with your financial wherewithal. Initially, we work with you to collect data and identify and prioritize your goals. We then provide expert analysis and guidance delivered over a series of strategy meetings using interactive software, custom schedules and reports, engaging discussions about your options and follow-up emails with written action steps. At least once a year, we update your plan and see where you are relative to where we thought you would be. We then recommend or make any needed adjustments. It's a disciplined process, but it's also flexible enough to accommodate all of life’s curves: new home purchases, changes in employment, grandchildren, and new hobbies, for example.

There are many important financial stages in life, ranging from building wealth to laying out plans for spending it. Our planning process involves a customized approach. Clients deserve more than a one-size-fits all process. Instead, we believe planning should reflect the unique values, resources and goals of each individual or family. At Old Dominion Capital Management, our experience results in expertly designed financial strategies that adeptly address pressing life challenges such as how to:

  • Fund your children's college education and still plan for retirement
  • Know if your investments are appropriate to reach your goals
  • Plan for unexpected events such as disability or death
  • Retire with the appropriate amount of assets
  • Determine the right amount of assets to leave for children
  • Ensure a legacy to leave behind for heirs or charity
  • Share wealth with multiple generations of family
  • Minimize tax burdens
  • Establish health care directives, powers-of-attorney, guardians and trustees

We work with each client to meet these challenges by setting goals and identifying the planning opportunities that help define a pathway toward success in each stage of life.