#1 Locked Side Entrance.  Call us, 434-977-1550, and we are happy to meet you at this location to let you in. This is the most direct route to our 2nd floor office with easy elevator access.The door is always locked and you won't be able to get in without us coming down to meet you. 

#2 Open Main Entrance.   For a little extra exercise, enjoy a walk to the main entrance.  Enter the two big glass doors with the tapestry inside. Here you can proceed to the 2nd floor via stairs or elevator. On the second floor there is only one direction down the hall you can go. Proceed via two right hand turns then a long hallway. We are the last suite on the left hand side.

Parking ODCM Spaces. Three large spaces next to entrance #1.

2hr on Garrett. The street offers 2 hour parking.