It's All About Service

Financial planning is extremely personal. Not only is every individual's financial situation unique, but every person has deep-rooted attitudes, comfort levels, and perspectives regarding money and finances. At Old Dominion Capital Management, Inc., we believe that providing true service to our clients means honoring every individual, working closely with you to understand what makes you distinct, evaluating your unique financial situation, and identifying a financial planning strategy that fits your needs, goals, and beliefs. 

As your personal financial planning team, we are committed to assisting with every aspect of your finances. We answer your most detailed questions, sit at your side when meeting with lawyers and other professionals, and work with your CPA to finesse taxation concerns. We take comprehensive financial planning to the next level, delivering integrated, personalized service to every client.


Investment Management

At Old Dominion Capital Management, Inc., we believe investors benefit from being broadly diversified across many different asset classes, and we strive to increase this benefit by using some asset classes that are not closely correlated.


Financial Planning

Old Dominion Capital Management, Inc. believes that we can best serve our clients by delivering integrated investment management and financial planning in a seamless, comprehensive service.