ODCM update - Investments

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Since the Coronavirus came to America and turned our worlds upside down, our Investment Committee has been meeting daily to share ideas and research in order to make sure that your portfolios are invested prudently.

As you may recall, in mid-March, we sold our position in the DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund because we were worried about the mortgage-backed securities it held, which we felt could very well underperform as the economy slows and people have trouble making their mortgage payments.

This week, we plan to invest those proceeds in two Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), some in SPDR Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF and some in the iShares Short Treasury Bond ETF, composed of U.S. Treasury bonds with remaining maturities one year or less.  This move is designed to increase yield and safety while also maintaining liquidity for us to be able to rebalance portfolios when the opportunity arises to do so in a systematic way.

The Coronavirus has been creating significant disruption to markets, daily routines and personal safety, but not to your long term financial plan. As a reminder, please find a brief overview of our team’s services below:


Retirement Planning

• Sustainable Withdrawal Strategy

• Social Security Optimization

• IRA Rollovers 

• Financial Strength Assessment


Tax Planning

• Asset Location

• Draw Down Strategies

• Roth Conversions

• Net Unrealized Appreciation Strategies


Insurance Consulting

• Life Insurance Planning and Estate Liquidity

• Long-term Care/Disability

• Home Owners/Auto/Umbrella


Executive Compensation

• Stock Options

• Restricted Stock

• Deferred Compensation

• Executive Life Insurance


Charitable Giving

• Charitable Remainder Trust

•Wealth Replacement Trusts

• Donor Advised Funds

• IRA Direct Gifting


Estate Planning

• Reviewing estate and trust documents

• Consulting for Special Needs Trusts

• Gifting to Family Members

• Education Planning for Children/Grandchildren


Call or go online to schedule a consultation if anything on this list is of interest to you.