ODCM update

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The coronavirus crisis has shaken many Americans’ routines, with unexpected health emergencies, lost or reduced wages and government-mandated lockdowns keeping most people at home.

For some, the crisis might have derailed upcoming retirements. For others, it could be a push toward financial independence, so that they never have to feel afraid of market downturns and disappearing incomes again. In many instances, having a professional could help guide individuals in creating a solid financial plan that takes into account good and bad surprises and accomplishes long-term goals.

The problem: With nationwide social distancing requirements, to find and meet face-to-face with a financial adviser can be difficult right now, even at a time when getting help with money may be crucial.

Old Dominion Capital Management has moved to digital platforms to meet with new clients, and if the advisors and clients decide they make a good professional match, we have secure services to gather information and documents. It may not be the same as meeting face-to-face, but most people are surprised at how well it works. Digital tools allow advisors to stay in touch with their clients, and in the midst of this pandemic, create fresh financial plans with new clients.

So many Americans are relying on technology these days to communicate with colleagues, families and friends for work, birthdays and weddings, we are all getting a lot better at it.  You can schedule an appointment online and get started today by clicking "Contact" in the upper right-hand corner.